before and after: an airy kitchen and dining room

the transformation story, complete with then and now photos

After designing and detailing a client’s home for months or years, we often forget what the space looked like ‘before’. We’ve imagined and hovered over every detail. We’ve troubleshooted the inevitable construction challenges. We’ve encouraged clients as the space slowly transforms. Through it all, we’ve stayed true to the original vision for the space created with our clients, advocating for their wishes and helping to be sure the original intent isn’t lost as a small army works to fulfill the design.

Staying true to the finished image in our minds also means we tend to forget what the space looked like before. The project is completed (yes, they do end for those of you in the thick of it now), clients move back in, friends and family gather, new memories are created and voila — it’s as if the home was always as it is now.

Such is the case for this airy Kitchen and Dining Room renovation completed last Fall for special, longstanding clients. Before the renovation, the rooms carried the remnants of the once ranch house: small rooms, limited windows, inadequate lighting and dated finishes. The design transformed the rooms and elevated the standard to that of the rest of the home. Today, the Kitchen and Dining Rooms are equal to the other areas of the property our clients diligently and lovingly invest in and maintain. So much so, we’ve all forgotten what we started with. Here’s a glimpse at the before and after.

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Windows were added on either side of the new cooktop. Now, daylight streams in and our client gets a view of her garden and arriving guests.

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Before, a peninsula offered limited seating and circulation.  Now, the center island doubles as a buffet and provides enough work surface for two cooks in the kitchen.

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An uninspired pantry was replaced with easy access, open shelving and an indulgence of color and pattern.

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A garden inspired Dining Room feels lighter after columns were removed.  Shades of blue and green complement the gardens just outside.

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A desktop with the always critical junk drawer and plenty of easy access storage replaced a not-so-often used bench seat.

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By removing the half wall and columns, the Kitchen and Dining Room were visually expanded.  Now, friends gather in both rooms – not just the Kitchen.

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Before, the window over the kitchen sink was small and a remnant of the once ranch home.  Now, the glider windows let in light and fresh air.

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Our super smart client knew that creating a beverage station near the freezer and ice maker would help  maintain a interruption-free cooking zone for her.  Now, drinks are prepared without disturbing the cook.  Kissing the cook, however, is always encouraged.

Many thanks, as always, to the small army we assembled who helped make the vision a reality.

taste Team Member Kevin Baker, Millwork, Cabinetry and Lighting Design

Steve Demetrick, General Contractor

Peter Zuerner, Cabinetry and Wood Countertops

Quality Tile, Stone Countertops and Backsplash

Kyle Caldwell, Photography


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